Bandhas™ is not just a sustainable brand.
We are a community on a mission to make the planet healthier, happier and more sustainable.
It is important to us that we are not only creating sustainable designs but that our profits are going to the right causes – the ones that are making a crucial difference in their work to restore our planet to its full glory.
We are partnered with the International Tree Foundation, an international, non-profit, non-political conservation organisation operating worldwide to restore forests and plant trees.

The International Tree Foundation was set up in 1922 and is a pioneer in community-led reforestation.
The ITF works to:

> plant trees and restore forests
> strengthen community and ecosystem resilience, and
> provide sustainable fuel, food, and medicine for households and markets.

The ITF makes the greatest difference by supporting emerging community based groups to grow and become independent forest conservation organisations.
Over the past year, the ITF has helped:

> 2,137 small holder farmers increase their yield
> 3,055 people increase their income
> 6,318 members become active in landscape restoration
> Grow over 500,000 trees, and conserve or restore 37,354 ha
> 119 community-based organisations increase capacity

Coming Soon

Follow our blog for updates on upcoming sustainable partnerships.