The name Bandhas originates from the Hatha Yoga term ‘Bandha’, meaning ‘body lock’. The three core body locks - the throat lock, stomach lock, and root lock, embody the foundations of yoga. Together, they constitute a practice used to purify, harmonise and balance the self, by changing energy flow.

The Bandhas awaken our inner awareness, connecting us to higher forces.

Throughout the conception of Bandhas™, we were inspired by those higher forces - that inner conscience at every level of our decision-making. This is the guiding purpose of our brand.

We believe that making ethical choices in what we wear is a crucial step in bringing us closer to nature. That’s why we created a range of sustainable clothing, from beachwear to activewear, to help us restore our relationship with mother earth.

We also believe in the connection between caring for the environment and developing your inner conscience. We hope that by choosing to wear our sustainable designs, you can inspire other people to join our sustainable community and make more compassionate choices.

We act consciously on all levels to ensure ethical practice, from design conception, to manufacturing, to recycling and renewal at the end of the product’s life cycle.

Our philosophy is simple: community, conscience, love, sharing, sustainability, ecology, and cultural sensitivity. Our focus: quality designs made from recycled, eco-friendly materials.

We nurture the right communities to make sure we are creating a good impact on earth. That’s why we are partnered with the International Tree Foundation: together, we plant 200 trees each month. Our goal is to reach 1000 trees per month in 2021.

Restoring our coastline is a top priority for the wellbeing of our planet. With our Bandhas beach-bag waste collection scheme, we provide you with the chance to join our mission: each Bandhas order comes with a free sustainable beach bag, that way, you can help pick up waste left on our beaches.
Every wave of change begins with a small step. Join us in restoring the earth to its natural glory.

Life, energy, harmony, nature flow - elevate your sustainable journey with Bandhas.